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I purchased this ProEtrade backpack online shortly before my vacation to Japan a few weeks ago as I felt like my old backpack which I had been using since 2008 could no longer hold all the weight. It was about time for me to find a new one anyway. The first time I saw this backpack, I could honestly say it was love at first sight. ProEtrade backpack is available in 5 different refreshing colors: jet black with white lining for accent, orange, purple, yellow, and blue. Obviously, I was instantly in love with the blue one. Not because it’s coincidentally also one of my favorite colors, though! (Okay, that too, but I digress) but because of its color combination. If other variant is dominated with black, the blue one is a bit different. The blue ProEtrade backpack looks even more beautiful and sophisticated since the blue color is paired with dark gray. I can’t be the only person on earth who thinks that there is something incredibly aesthetically pleasing about blue and dark gray, right?

To be honest, I had my reservation about this ProEtrade backpack because from the look of it, the bag didn’t seem large enough. But after considering the fact that I would only need it to hold a few of my belongings such as maps, water bottle, iPad/laptop, chargers, phone as well as my wallet for when I explored Japan, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. I did check out a few other bags online to compare though, but in the end I decided to just purchase the blue ProEtrade backpack as I felt like it was the bag for me. The bag was shipped to my house on the same day and arrived in two days. I was thrilled when I got the package, opened it, and saw the bag. It was perfect. However, while the size is perfect for me, I’m afraid I can’t speak for all high schoolers. I’m not sure if the bag is big enough for them as the book compartment in the backpack looks like it can be improved. I was a high schooler once, after all. This bag would have definitely done a terrible job fitting all my books in it all at once back in the day. So if you are a student or a parent who is currently looking for a bag for your children, you may want to take precautions. Take how many books you or your children have into account and if you need a larger backpack, opt for other types of ProEtrade backpack.

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This does not mean my ProEtrade backpack has limited space for my stuff though. Quite the contrary, it has many useful compartments for me to organize your stuff in, and also plenty of spacious room to utilize for my outdoor activities. Another thing, ProEtrade backpack’s laptop holder is magnificent. It holds my laptop and iPad well, and those adjustable straps ensure the safety of my gadgets.

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ProEtrade backpack is lightweight, yet very sturdy. The material is pleasing to the touch and it’s obvious that, even with a naked eye, the materials ProEtrade uses for this backpack is of high quality materials. I’m absolutely pleased because I expected durability from this backpack when I finally made the decision to go ahead and order it. The backpack itself has many useful compartments which I like a lot, it can even fit my laptop and other tidbits. As for its shoulder traps, ProEtrade backpack won me over yet again. They are very comfortable! The fact that the backpack has padded backside and rests comfortably well on my back is a massive life saver! I spent day in, day out wandering the streets, exploring Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, so comfort for a traveler like me has always been a top priority. ProEtrade backpack sure provided me the comfort I needed during my trip!

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Another reason I chose this ProEtrade backpack is because it’s waterproof. Having lived in Tokyo to learn the Japanese culture and language for a year and a half after my high school graduation, my time there has obviously made me aware of Japan’s extreme weather. Going on a vacation in late september-early October was probably not a good idea as it was the peak of typhoon season, but I knew I wouldn’t need to worry about heavy rain spoiling my trip all thanks to ProEtrade backpack waterproof material. My first day exploring, I decided to go to Yokohama. The sun was shining brightly when I got off the train and made my way downtown.

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I knew this pleasing weather wouldn’t last long because from past experiences, the sky would turn dark by afternoon and it would then start pouring. I was honestly worried about ProEtrade backpack’s waterproof claim as I hadn’t yet checked it, but I brushed it off and decided to have a good time with my old friends there. I was right, however. Right after hitting the arcade and photo box, it started to rain. My friends and I were about to have lunch in Queen’s Square nearby, not having umbrellas, we decided to run as fast as we could. I was initially worried about my iPad and other stuff being drenched, but I thought “why not test the waterproofness of this backpack?” and so we ran to Queen’s Square and asked to be seated in one of the restaurants there. As soon as we reached our dining table, I took off my backpack to see if my items stored in my backpack got wet and you know what? They didn’t! I took a huge sigh of relief and enjoyed the rest of my time in Yokohama without worries, knowing full well that if my backpack got rained on again, all I had to do was wipe it off with toilet paper and I would be good to go again.

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So if you are looking for a well-built, and waterproof backpack that is also spacious and versatile, your search ends here! I’m sure ProEtrade backpack can fit your needs as it does mine. I highly recommend it.

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