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I have had so many people tell me that roadtripping is the best way to experience America, that is the reason why one of my friends and I decided that we would explore the Land Of The Free that way. While it seemed like a good idea in the beginning, I ended up thinking driving from California to Illinois and Moab, Utah to Grand Canyon, Arizona would be quite overkill. Not only the long drives that put me off, the fact that America is a completely foreign country to us did too. What if we got too tired to enjoy the trip? What if the mini van broke down in the middle of nowhere and we could not find a help? What if we got lost? While we take pride in our driving skills, we have to admit that our land navigation skill is, unfortunately, pretty much off.

I did not trust GPS as well (still don’t) but I figured that was our only hope to come out of this stupid vacation unscathed. So, on our first day of roadtripping from California to Illinois, we relied heavily on our GPS. We still got lost thanks to the GPS, but it could have been worse I guess. Our first drive however took what seemed like ages at the time. That is because my friend was as bad as the GPS at informing me where to go, I ended up having to multi-task; driving while holding the phone to double check whether my friend was reading the GPS right. An hour and a half later, my friend was out cold! Can you believe it? She practically left me on my own and slept until I decided to stop and have my much needed lunch break.

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Anyway, our second drive was as bad as the first one and since the weather was bad along with the fact that I was dead tired and still pretty much jetlagged, we decided to stay call it a day and stay at a motel for the night. In my bed I was thinking there was no way I could keep up like this forever, but thank God tomorrow I could just sit on the passenger seat as tomorrow would be my friend’s turn to drive. We resumed our trip at 10 in the morning. My friend was driving and I was helping her with the GPS all while messaging my brother back and forth. He asked me how our trip was going and I told him everything. Much to my annoyance he laughed at me and called me stupid, he then advised me to get one of those mounted gadget holder for my iPhone. I told him I would definitely have a look, and my friend agreed. We made a stop to check out if Walmart had it but to no avail, so we decided to just order it online and asked for it to be shipped to our hotel.

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There were so many options, but after reading several reviews I decided to go with Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder. I hesitated a bit at first because so many people mentioned about it not being sturdy enough and fell off after a period of time, but after long and careful consideration, we went for Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder mostly because it’s superior to other brand as it allowed us to charge our smartphones and since because we would probably only use it for this trip, it wouldn’t be a problem if it fell off after a while. We bought it for $10 and it arrived the next day.

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I can’t tell you how valuable this Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder is! Let me start by saying that even though this holder did not come with a manual or instruction as to how to assemble the parts, we could figure it out on our own as it was quite simple. If a total blonde like us could figure it out, I’m pretty sure everyone can as well. Not a big issue. I knew it was very well-made and well-built just by how sturdy it felt in my hand. Trying it out the first time, my friend and I encountered a little problem since it seemed like it did not want to attach to the air vent, but after struggling and lightly wiggling the holder around for a bit, we finally managed to mount it! Just make sure you properly attach the parts on the back.

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This Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder is just perfect! It holds my iPhone 6 plus perfectly and it’s also very compatible with my friend’s Nexus. I was initially afraid my iPhone 6 plus would topple and end up upside down but that wasn’t an issue because it did not happen at all. Not even once! I was also worried about it failing and slipping out of the vent since the clips aren’t very long, but no, it did the job and stayed where it was. Securing my phone every time it went to the craddle was a breeze, and I know it sounds rather silly, but my friend and I also absolutely loved the fact that by a touch of a button (that is situated comfortably in the back), the holder would open up slowly and release my phone. Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder definitely made the rest of our roadtrip easy as we could either focus on driving or enjoying the scenery before us with our hands free! The charger also fits perfectly so that is a huge plus.

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If you are someone who drives and relies heavily on your phone’s GPS rather than the built-in GPS on board, and if you want a good phone holder with such great value, I highly recommend Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Mount Holder. It helped me greatly during my 18-day long roadtrip, and I’m sure it will help you too. I ended up bringing it back to use in my home country, and have yet encountered any issue up until now. It’s still as great as the first time I used it. Try it for yourself!

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