Whoever made toiletries holder for shower this is a genius!!

I am a lot of things and by that, I mean I’m a weightlifter who is also an avid traveler and on top of that, a freelancer as well – because as much as I love weightlifting and traveling, the bills don’t pay themselves. As a weightlifter, I train 2 times a day, 5 days a week. I always train early in the morning for 3 hours, and then go to work, only to then come back to the gym in the evening to train for another 3 hours. Lifting heavy loads means I’m always drenched in sweat, in the past I would go home just to take a shower and change because I had my own reservation about showering in the gym. Said reservation was purely because I could not be bothered with packing all my shower essential and organizing it in my gym bag. Trust me, I’ve tried. My gym bag is already filled with my towel, work clothes, shaker, post workout meals and supplements, so adding another stuff makes it even more crowded and when I did try, I had to waste more time fishing for my stuff and that resulted in my being stuck in the gym’s bathroom for longer than I would want it to be.

I tried stashing my shower essentials in a heavy duty zip lock bag, but it only messed up my gym bag because the water got everywhere and I ended up having to dry my gym bag every time. My mom told me to use a portable shower bag and even purchased one for me, but even though it did fit my shower essentials and made my life hassle-free for a while, I had to stop immediately since other than storing my shower essentials, it also stored water. I was disgusted when I touched my shower essentials and felt the slime on the surface. I knew if I kept using the bag, I would end up with even more disgusting findings such as mold.

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plastic hanging shower basket organizer 600x600 Whoever made toiletries holder for shower this is a genius!!

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As the day went on and my work became even more demanding, I felt like it was impossible for me to keep up with it. While 2 miles is not that far of a car drive, I just did not have the time. Taking a shower and getting ready in the gym, and going straight to work was my only option. I decided to give a portable shower bag another chance, but this time I bought another brand. It ended up the same, unfortunately. It seemed like every 3 or 4 weeks I had to get a replacement, I practically went through portable shower bags like it was nothing! This irked me eventually. I had already tried 4 brands and each and every one of them had the same problem.

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I just shrugged it off because what more could I do? That is what happens when your wet shower essentials are stashed in a bag. I accepted it as my fate as there was nothing I could do about it. But then I found ShowerMade portable shower tote storage organizer! The high ratings and rave reviews made me wonder if it really lived up to its claims. I was skeptical at first and was almost sure that this time, it would end up with the same narrative like my other shower bags in the past. I purchased it anyway. I thought I had nothing to lose since at the time there was 50% discount and I was also in need of a new replacement.

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My ShowerMade portable shower tote came in the mail a day later and the first time I saw my shower tote, I was convinced it would not even last me a week. I was so used to zippered shower bags that were made of plastics, so even though the ShowerMade seemed sturdy, the fact that it’s made of mesh clothes a bit put me off in the beginning. Although I have to admit that I was instantly in love with how spacious this shower tote is. Why? Because I can fit more shower essentials and then some! If in the past I could only manage to bring 4 items, now I can fit virtually everything. Shampoo and conditioner, facial wash, facial cream, hand and body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, brush and a razor, everything! I also store my keys, earphones, and both of my towel and washcloth there! On the days I travel, it also manages to hold my mini hair dryer and flipflops. What’s not to love?

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Other than spacious, ShowerMade portable shower tote has a lot of pockets, making it possible for me to organize my stuff, and I love how deep they are. Definitely a lifesaver because now I no longer need to worry about my shower essentials being scattered around or mixed with other stuff in my gym bag. As for its straps or handles, they are quite long, which is useful. I can just hang it on a hook in the bathroom and I no longer need to constantly keep my eye on it worrying it will somehow fall off the hook.

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Another thing I love about my ShowerMade portable shower tote bag is the fact that it is well built. My initial fear of it being fragile is definitely getting allayed! Quite the contrary, its high quality mesh is what makes this tote bag better than any other shower bag I have used! It keeps my toiletries dry because it doesn’t absorb water which keeps the bottom of my tote bag clean and free of mold! That is the biggest issue I encountered with my old plastic shower bags. It is so nice to know that I finally found a great shower bag that fits my needs and is also extremely durable. If you need a shower bag with impressive ventilation that instantly drains water and even avoids mildew to form, and if you need a shower bag that is able to hold all of your shower essentials like me, this ShowerMade portable shower tote bag will not disappoint you. Purchase one now!