MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 DirectX 12 VR Review: A Sort of Better Performance

Gaming is such an interesting activity we may want to do during the spare time. Of course, it means we need a sort of device which is really reputable and able to work well for a long time. For that matter, it seems MSI Gaming GTX 1070 is one of the best things to be had. There are many reasons why this one is really recommended for all. If it is compared with its “friend” it is the incredible product, GTX 1080, GTX 100 gives you other benefits. They are including the application of cores which are better than the 2560. Besides it is also available with 8GB and GDDR5 memory inside. There are some lacks indeed which make it look worse than its following product including the RAM which is slower and the reduction of clock speed. However you should not need to worry. There is any other superiority so that makes it not dissapointing.

Basically the specifications and features provided are relatively the same. One of the examples is regarding the process of Pascal theory which keeps the consumption of power low, it is about 150W. In this matter GTX 1070 tends to be more superior to GTX 1980 and GTX 980Ti in which it has 250 W for the power consumption. Other huge advantages are related to the application of multi-projection simultaneously and some other technolologies that enable this gaming series to work better. The technology of stereo with single pass series is so good for this type of gaming in which the scenes are adapted from different point of view. Then, as it comes with all the new Pascal’s technology, there is a massive improvement from Virtual Reality performance and general gaming performance that simply wipes the floor.

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Those are not the only matters found from GTX 1070. This device is known for its new and high-speed bandwidth taken SLI Bridge from Nvidia. It is particularly for the efficiency of extra performance in the setup of dual card. However, the GTX 100 Gaming with 8G series applies a different strength from the Nvidia’s original model referred. The difference is that this series uses the upgraded version of the original model. More than that, it includes as well several other changeable features with a sort of significant boots for its performance.

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The most recognizable characteristic when it is compared to the GTX 1080 is related to its sheer size. It is bigger for the fact that it is made ona PCB it is aroun 140 mm on 279 mm measurement, make it longer and taller. The size is being increased due to the presence of the cooling system on its surface area. Besides it comes as well with both a connector with 8 pin-powers and another connector with 2 pin-powers. As information for you the original Nvidia card only offers the former. Therefore, the GTX 1080 version is able to let the card give more power when it is over locked so that it can reach the higher speeds.

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 8gb review 2017

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In addition, there are some other components which are equal with other series including the cooling system itself. This is the most well-knownfeature within the Twin Frozr cooling system where MSI claims that it is around 20% and 35% quieter cooler than the Nvidia’s stock cooler. So, how about if you are not already using this gaming series? The card is still able to operate but with a complete silence by letting the fans stop as a whole mainly if the temperature is below 60 degree Celsius. For the card’s rear, it is completed with a mat of back plate which can protect the components for any damages.

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Other improvements available in GTX 1080 become apparent when the card has been used. The application of MSI gaming let you choose one from three options of different modes of performance. Next, it also let you customize the colors, from full-color mode to only some colors as you wish. If you expect to set it while gaming, it is something easy to do. You should use a sort of application available in Android Playstore for free. It basically offers almost similar ways of gaming without lessening the appearance quality of the game in a full screen.

The performance of gaming frame is really noticeable once you try it. It is clearly outperforming some of its predecessor including the GTX 980 Ti which is well-known with its capabilities especially in term of minimum rates of the frame. Even it is quite close to GTX 1080 which is often considered better than the GTX 1070. Sure, as it has been mentioned above, it is still beneficial as the rates of frame are quite high for such smooth game play at all resolution including this 4K.

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Sure, based on that fact, the GTX 1070 from MSI is a really good replacement for the precedessor; it is the GTX 980 Ti series and others. Although it is still under the GTX 1080 in term of specification, it is absolutely a really smart alternative. It is also by remembering that the cost to find it is relatively lower. There are some options which depend on the budgets provided. There is the standard version, namely non-X with a little bit lower speeds of clock or another model which is top on its level, called as model Z which is faster in term over locking and RGB illuminated plate placed on the back. It becomes more interesting since GTX 100 Gaming is now available in many stores including Amazon. You can order within 4 hours 8 minutes and choose the two-day shipping. Don’t worry the device is complete by featuring several items including the virtual reality, Twin frozr thermal design, Torx fan RGB LED control, advance airflow control technology. Of course for the safety for all it is suggested to refer to the User Guide before starting to use. Based on those facts, it is reasonable if MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 is demanded really high currently.