LG Electronics 10.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote LP1013WNR

A hot day in summer is tempting. However, if it means hot day all day long inside the house, it can be irritating. An air conditioner is a must. It’s the best and most instant solution for hot temperature during the summer. And what’s better than conventional air conditioner? It’s the portable air conditioner. Name one product from LG Electronics, the 10.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote LP1013WNR in a new model. This is guaranteed as a superb purchase to make your hot summer days much cooler. While you tan your skin on the backyard, you can enjoy a cool air inside. At least, you do not have to get sweaty all day long.

LG Portable Air Conditioner for Heating and Cooling

This portable air conditioner is undoubtedly another high-tech product from LG electronics. It definitely has high consumers’ utility and attributes. The company has guaranteed its high efficiency abilities so it can certainly be one of the prolong products. This product has enough power to keep 300 square feet of room comfortable and cool thanks to various high advanced features. And its portability allows you to move in easily from one room to another room just like how you want it to be. If you feel like resting in the room during the day, keep it in your room. And if you feel like spending a time in living room to watch some movies with your friends, move it then. Of course, you do not need to reset the system whatsoever because that will not be necessary. You just need to make sure the cable is plugged. Only then, this portable air conditioner can work.

24 Hour Programmable On/Off Timer

This super functional programmable on/off timer is the first feature to attract your attention. Yes, you can control and set the temperature for 24 hour. So, even though you are not at home, you can decide whether the air conditioner should be on or off. This feature gives so much ease especially if you like to be back at home with your room is already cooled off. It saves you time and energy as you do not need to wait for the air conditioner to bring down the temperature. It comes as another energy efficient feature that saves your electricity bills. A lot of users feel super satisfy thanks to this handy feature.

Multiple Fan Speeds

Fan is the heart of every air conditioner including in this portable air conditioner. That’s simply the reason why LG gives its best innovation for this special product. It comes with multiple fan speeds. As if it’s not enough, it is also completed with Auto Cool Control to control the multiple fan speeds. Why did LG decide to go with 2-speed cooling? Well, it’s to let the users to select the setting according to their needs. This range of adjustment aims to deliver more comfort. This way, you can have the right cool temperature that you like the most. While in the Auto Cool control, there is thermostat available to help you in setting the preferred temperature.

Auto Evaporation System

Another prominent feature is auto evaporation system. It’s the feature allowing the air conditioner to be in continuous use without having to remove the water. Unlike other conventional air conditioner, you need to at least remove the water once a day. Otherwise, the water will flood and may get your house soaked in. And there will be no such situation once you bought and use this portable air conditioner. It comes very handy that you will never have to deal with complicated care and treatment.

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Remote Control

The remote control for this portable air conditioner is handy and advanced. It is to control and adjust the timer, temperature and also the fan speed. Every time you need for an adjustment, grab the remote control and make the adjustment. The range of the remote control to work is pretty impressive so you can adjust it from outside the room as long as you can see the air conditioner unit. Just like other remove control, this one also comes with battery. However, it has a long lifespan so you will not be bothered with the need to replace it too often. At least, it can last for a few months.

More Additional Features

As if those features are not enough, LG has added more features to optimize its functionality. The 2-way air deflection is included. This feature comes very handy and functional as it allows you to decide in which direction you want to air to be directed. Is it up of is it down. Make the choice yourself. In the remote control, there is special button called Digital LED Electronic Touch Controls. It allows you to control the temperature by only pushing of a button. Care to do it from across the room? Feel free to do that.

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This portable air condition comes with reusable and washable air filter. It’s definitely a feature that can save you money on the replacements. This way, you will also not be bothered with complicated replacement process. Just simply take the air filter off, wash it off and put it back on to its original place. Then, the air conditioner will be back on business. Just as easy as that.

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Stand Up 10000 btu Air Conditioner

Each unit of this LG portable air conditioner is offered with a hose installation kit. It makes the movement of this air conditioner to be more comfortable to handle. So, every time you need your room to cool off, you can control it comfortably.

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Portable Room Air Conditioner Cooling System

As this product can automatically restart itself once a power failure happens due to extreme heat, high or storm, you can feel much safer. This way, you do not need to worry about possible power outages due to electrical damage in the air conditioner because such thing will not happen. And once the power is restored, the unit will automatically be back on.

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Right before you made a purchase, the unit has to stay upright before you start using it. It needs 24 hours for the upright. It has to be vented to outside as well and avoid using extension cords. Once it’s done, your 10.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote LP1013WNR can start to work.