Seneo Fast Charging Stand for Samsung Galaxy

Nowadays, most of us cannot live without smart phones. Everywhere and every time we go, we always bring our smart phone. Some of us don’t want to miss any information even if the information doesn’t give any important effects to our lives let alone the important ones. We will feel a little bit awkward without smart phones in our hands. Some people even have more than one smart phone in their hands. Smart phones are amazing with their features and facilities.

We can do almost anything with smart phones, from texting to watching films and from writing notes to filming events, etc. We even can do bank transactions with our smart phones. The thing is, smart phones will run out of power. No matter how sophisticated our cell phones are, if they run out of power, then we cannot use them. All we need is a charger of course. It is also not a nice thing to do to always plug in our charger everywhere we go. It seems so not practical. Not to mention the sockets that they are not always available especially in public places. Obviously we need a wireless charger that can fulfill our needs. Let me introduce Seneo FCharging Stand for Samsung Galaxy.

Cheap Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Type Qi Standard

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The Product Description
– Its color is black.
– It is also called QI 2.0 fast wireless charging stand
– Its fast charge modes are only available for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
– It can charge all of the devices with QI-enabling at normal speed but some devices may need additional charging receiver which is supposed to be wireless as well.
– The time for fast charging test from null to full: for Note 5 (3000mAH) 2.5 hours, for S7 (3000mAH) 2.2 hours, S6 Edge+ (3000mAH) 2.35 hours, and S7 Edge (3600mAH) 2.55 hours.
– The dimension is 2.8X5.8X3.4 inches.
– It weighs four ounces.
– Its shipping weight is 7.4 ounces.
– Its product warranty is a forty-five day money back and eighteen month warranty.

More about the product:

The Best things about Fast Wireless Charger

It is the standing holder of it that makes us possible to use our smart phone while it is charged with this fast charger. All we have to do is just prop up the cell phone and we can enjoy music, answer all the incoming calls, make a phone call, etc. These things can be done without having to interrupt the charging.

Best Value Qi Standard Wireless Charging Stand

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It is its wireless thing that can make the product is so convenient to bring everywhere. Users don’t need to coil wires or cables anymore. They don’t have to look for sockets to plug in charger either. It is great to have at home, offices, and cars. The stand is always ready to use anytime and anywhere.

Holder Stand

This fast charger is designed to charge cell phone horizontally and vertically. So, we can enjoy music and video, making a phone call, receiving a phone call when we charge our cell phone.

LED indicator

The fast charger stand will turn into blue indicator for two seconds if you connect your smart phones to the power. This fast charger will turn into green indicator if it starts charging. These indicators provide safety charging status.

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This product is designed in curved bottom that promises great stability for curved cell phones and prevents them from dropping. The built-in short circuit protection, under voltage, and over voltage give great safety for your smart phones.

Fast-Charging Mode

When you put your smart phone on this fast charger, the stand will do the charging 1.4 times quicker than the standard ones. The smart phone will show the fast charging icon like a standard charger.

Compatible Samsung Wireless Charger Best Buy

Phones suitable for this fast charger stand

Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are great to get charged by this product. For others there will be requirement to complete, like receiver. This fast charger works wonder with the Note 7. There won’t be software bug issues like the pause of fast charging errors. Galaxy S7 Edge is fine to be charged with this product with the case on. The one in magnetic phone wallet doesn’t need to take it off when being charged. The Outer box of a smart phone cannot prevent this product from charging the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 smart phone. The Samsung S7 edge with dual layer case can still be charged with this product.

Seneo FCharging Stand for Samsung Galaxy Charger Pad

The Seneo three-coil wireless charger pad will not work to your devices. It is only the compatible phone that can use the Seneo Three-Coil Wireless Charger Pad.

Other information
– This product won’t work for iphone devices.
– This product will work well with the quick adaptive plug served by Samsung Galaxy S7.
– This product will work with the LG V 20
– If overheating happens, this will be because of the phones not this fast charger.
– The included USB cable should be about three feet.
– This product will work well with the UAG case for the Note 7.
– This will work with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.
– The kinds of cable that can plug into this unit is Micro USB.
– This product will detect Auto Volt (from 110 V-250V).
– It doesn’t have a fan.
– It is fine to use this product for over-night charging.
– It is fine to use this product for slow charging

Smartphone Qi Wireless Battery Charger Amazon

After reading the qualification of this Seneo Fast Wireless Charger QI Charging Stand it is great to have this kind of fast charger that we can take everywhere we like so we won’t run out of power. If you need to buy one you can browse famous shopping online sites with Google Searching Machine. They will provide you with great price and free shipping. One of the greatest sites will offer you with good price when you buy it with another recommended product. The shipping is usually safe and on time. Good Luck!