BLU R1 HD Android Review

BLU R1 HD is great smartphone alternative if you are looking for low-end mobile phone. This Android smartphone offers you with various features that will enable you to perform many tasks smoothly. This mobile phone may be budget friendly. However, its specs and features are similar to the high-end ones. As a result, you can do what your friends do with their smartphone. This amazon product is an unlocked smartphone. Some of you may be a bit doubtful in buying this kind of phone because it is different from conventional smartphone packages. You don’t need to worry about anything though.

Benefits of purchasing unlocked smartphone

When you are purchasing BLU R1 HD, you will have the freedom to choose the plan or carrier you like. It is because this unlocked smartphone isn’t bound to certain plan or carrier. If your chosen plan increases it rates, you can replace it easily by inserting a new SIM Card.

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Another benefit you’ll get from this smartphone is that it is very convenient for travelling around the globe. Certain plan may not work in the place you are visiting. But, with this smartphone, you don’t need to worry. You can replace your current plan and insert a SIM Card that works in that country. And when you get back from your travel, you can use your old SIM Card again.

This Smartphone is very convenient, isn’t it? If you want to get this Android cellphone, you must read BLU R1 HD first.

BLU R1 HD design and display

BLU R1 HD has smart design so that it looks premium and expensive. It offers nice handling because of its size and smooth finish. This mobile phone is equipped with a curved touch screen panel which offers outstanding sensory feedback. And to make this Android Smartphone looks more stylish, it has metal trim on its side.

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The display size of this mobile phone is 5 inch. And its resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. The combination of size, resolution, and curved glass has made this cell phone an excellent product. With this particular display, the graphic will look brilliant from every angle. Therefore, you will have better experience in using this Smartphone. The display screen of BLU R1 HD is protected with Gorilla Glass 3. In consequence, it is resistant to breakage, cracks, and scratches.


This Android Smartphone is equipped with two cameras. Its main camera is an 8 MP camera. This autofocus camera has 4P lens, flash and capable of recording up to 1080 videos. With this excellent camera, you can get an excellent photos and videos.

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The secondary camera of this Smartphone is excellent for selfie. It is a 5 MP camera has wide angle to capture your best moment. It is also equipped with flash and built-in software that will help you improve the quality of your selfie photos.


This mobile phone offers you with the latest network and connectivity technology. It supports 4G LTE connection. Therefore, you can browse the internet smoothly due to its fast internet connection. This phone connectivity is also compatible with 3G connection.

Operating system and storage

BLU R1 HD is powered by MediaTek 6735 1.3GHz quad-core and OS Android Marshmallow. With this operating system and processor, this mobile phone is very responsive and smooth to operate. This cell phone has big memory storage. Its 16 GB internal storage will enable you to store a lot of videos, music files, and other files without any problems. If this storage is not enough, you can insert MicroSD card on the provided slot. You can expand its memory up to 64 GB.

Dual SIM

This mobile phone offers you with dual SIM Card capability. This is perfect for you who want to differ business phone number and private phone number.

Convenient access to Amazon

Since it is an Amazon Android, you have the privilege to access Amazone conveniently. With the pre-installed apps, you can shop easier and check your order with more convenience. This cell phone will also give you more benefits if you are a Prime member. With BLU R1 HD, you can have quick access to countless of songs, movies, and many others. This cell phone is also equipped with lockscreen ads and offers. From this ads and offers, you can get personalized deals and various product recommendation that may be suitable for your shopping needs.

What others say about BLU R1 HD?

Countless of people have purchased BLU R1 HD. They bought this low price Android Smartphone for various reasons. Some of them bought it for travelling abroad and others simply want to buy cheaper Smartphone for their children. This mobile phone received 4.1 star out of five so far.

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Many people are happy with their purchase. They love it because it is cheap and capable of working like other premium mobile phones. They also like this cell phone because it doesn’t have cheap look. Though its price is very affordable, BLU R1 HD can perform well. Many customers love its responsive feedback, excellent display, and speed.

Others customers were not happy with this mobile phone though. One of the reason why they don’t recommend this product is the fact that theirs cannot be used after a couple of months. They said that after using this cell phone for two months, it couldn’t be charged and dead. Another reviewer is complaining about its sounds. He said that he couldn’t hear music with it. And the worst review said that the battery exploded. Well, it is not the first time that a cell phone battery explodes. Some people with premium Smartphone ever experienced battery explosion too.

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All in all, BLU R1 HD is an excellent mobile phone on its class. Its built and features can match the more expensive ones. This Android Smartphone can work very well and many people love it. There are people who are dissatisfied with this cell phone. However, it is less than 15% of the total reviewers. With proper care and use, BLU R1 HD can work perfectly for a long time.

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