Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer and Air Freshener Bag

Deodorizers and air fresheners are very important in our life. We usually have them in almost every room in our house. We also have them in our cars—one of the most important things to ease our daily life. Some people even have to live in their car for their whole life. In short, we install them everywhere to keep ourselves healthy and free from awful odors. There are many kinds of deodorizers and fresheners available in different forms, such as gels, oils, beads, candles, plugs-in, and sprays. Some of them are famous for they are made from chemicals that can cause allergies and symptoms of asthma to some people although they seem great to make the place free from awful odors. It is a must for us to find the one that is not only will make us free from bad smells but also the one that makes us free from toxins. Let me introduce a deodorizer and freshener for our cars that is made from natural materials like charcoal and bamboo. It is Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer and Air Freshener Bag. This product is great to remove awful odors, to control moisture and to purify the air in our cars, bathrooms, kitchens, litter boxes, closet, etc.

The product description
– This three-hundred gram bamboo charcoal car deodorizer and freshener bag has no fragrances.
– This product is attached on the airtight sealed eco-friendly package to prevent the carbon from activating before you open the package.
– This product is free from chemicals and toxins.
– This product can be used for more than one year since it can be recharged by exposing it under the sunlight directly.
– The weight and dimension: it weighs 4 ounces and the dimension is 2X6X4 inches.
– The shipping weight is 9.6 ounces.
– There are no fillers and additives in this bamboo charcoal bag.
– The linen bag of this charcoal bamboo is also non-toxic and has low impact dyes.

Effective Activated Charcoal Car Deodorizer

best air deodorizer for pet smells cage changing room refrigerator freezer 600x600 Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer and Air Freshener Bag

small bathroom air purifier deodorizer freshener bag

More about the product:


The high quality of carbon coming from bamboo charcoals inside the bag is as the air freshener that can remove odors and cleanse the air by trapping and filtering smells, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other awful things on the air. This Carbon in this three-hundred gram of bamboo charcoal bag is similar to the one used for purifying and filtering water. The Carbon must be strong that once a customer had a stinky diaper in their car, but they didn’t realize it. The majority of the bamboos used in this product are Chinese Bamboos.

The product of 200-gram bamboo charcoal bag VS 300-gram bamboo charcoal bag

They are the same in price, but the 300-gram charcoal bamboo bag is more effective.

Small Non Fragrant Air Freshener for Cars Chemical Free

diy air freshener bags for truck van cars cabinets locker closet pantry 600x600 Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer and Air Freshener Bag

chemical free solution for remove all smell from car interior

Places and things to use this product

This product is good for things such as litter boxes, travel baggage, diaper pails, gym bags, freezers, pet cages, refrigerators, containers for storage, tennis bag, smoking ashtrays, and other things causing smells and moistures. Just put the product inside them and these things will be free from odors, toxins, also from bacteria and moist. Rooms of a house, such as closet, locker room including the lockers, pantry, storage and utility rooms, bathroom, the area around garbage places, the place under the sink, in any kinds of cars are good to be equipped with this product to get rid of awful odors, moisture, and dangerous substances. Just shake the bag and hang it with the special rope attached to it. A toddler room which smells like urine with this product that is hanged somewhere inside will be a lot different the next day. After a couple of days the urine odor has completely gone. The product cannot work for the exterior of cars. For the interior of cars, it is suggested that you shampoo it first thoroughly before you hang the bamboo charcoal product. Once a customer noticed that the rear windows of his car didn’t get fogged for the car was completed with this product. It is suggested that the customers to open the package and let it work right away. We can expose it under the sunlight if it loses its effectiveness. However some customers will expose it under the sun after they open the package.

Remove Odor from Bathroom Sink Drain and Human Urine Smell

organic dehumidifier charcoal odor absorber for car amazon gel shoes closet 600x600 Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer and Air Freshener Bag

organic natural odor absorber for closet

How this product works

As an air neutralizer, this product will filter odors, allergens, and bacteria, and this product also will get rid of moistures and odors. All it does is eliminate them at the source with no dangerous chemicals. The product mostly work starts in only one day. If today you hang this product in your car, tomorrow your car will be fresh, no bad smells and free from toxins. Since the product is odorless, so we will smell nothing. However the product works well by absorbing molecules creating odors. You will see that your bathroom is really free from moldy odor. Just find the difference this way. This product that is made in China according to a customer has to be exposed under the sun to work wonder especially if the users live in area where there is no sun at all in winter. It is not recommended to use this product on the wet floor to get rid of septic odors. The product will lose its good impact. However, it’s up to the users to do whatever they like. Once a customer used this product in their old house which was painted freshly but the odor of the fresh paint didn’t go quickly since the ventilation of the old house is poor. The house was free from the paint odor with this product after the home owner hung it two days before.


This three-hundred gram bamboo charcoal deodorizer and air freshener is safe to use or hang around your children and pets. This is the non-toxic, non-fragrant, and chemical-free Carbon coming from bamboo charcoal that makes it safe. It doesn’t give headache to you as well.

Cheap Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

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How to Eliminate Odor and Smell Solution with Bamboo Charcoal Bag Filter

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