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When it comes to purchasing Lenovo products, the new Yoga 2 in 1 Laptop Tablet can be your best buy. This advanced device comes with a bunch of advanced specifications including 4GB or RAM, Pentium CPU, and also 500GB hard drive for only $530. At a glance, you can notice the distinct advantages from Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1. This laptop tablet has thinner and lighter design yet it is solidly built. Its 11.6 inch display has exceptional image quality. This device can be easily changed between four available modes, the laptop, tablet, stand and tent.

ThinkPad Yoga 2-In-1 Design and Features

This device brings a basic idea of the fold-back hinge hybrid is similar with products from other manufacturers like HP and Dell. It allows you to easily position the device. For instance, you can position it as traditional clamshell laptop. Or, you can bend its led backward more than 180 degrees before stopping at table tent. Of, you can fold it all way back and enjoy the tablet shape. Perhaps you wonder how this kind of pull-apart hybrid becomes a central hinge. Well, this design is claimed to offer the least of interference compared to traditional clamshell design. And it’s also expensive for engineer while its advantages are obvious.

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It’s true that Microsoft has also decided to use this device to launch ad campaigns for Windows 8. To be précised, the device is expected to be able to show the utility of tile menu and touchscreen on Windows 8. This feature definitely will attract potential customers to buying this exact device.

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Yoga 2 In 1 as a tablet is cumber. That’s because it weighs a pound heavier compared to the true tablet. So, it does a bit awkward holding this device in only one hand and navigating the touchscreen with the other hand. But as a laptop, it does weigh less than other laptops. It weighs around 2.8 kilo in total which is a bit heavier than 11 inch Macbook Air which weighs only 2.4 pounds.

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The primary identity of this device is as a laptop although its quality and specs are not that advanced compared to more expensive laptops. It comes with 11.6 inch toushscreen display in IPS to deliver 1366 x 768 pixel of resolutions. The IPS screen on this device is bright and clear. It’s certainly better compared to HP 3×360. Well, to be truth, it’s not the best thing from this laptop as you can find other laptop with better pixel resolution with similar price.

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When it comes to the keyboard, the quality is fairly as good as Hp x360. It makes a great deal for this laptop. When you notice the keys, you’ll find convex shape Lenovo keys which is bowed out the bottom edge. This feature is essential to minimize miss strokes. As for the touch pad, you can enjoy clickpad style design. It’s the design promising more touch surface without requiring you to separate right and left mouse buttons.

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With 500GB hard drive, this laptop tablet promises something great. However, it comes with minor issue of mechanical hard drive. When it comes to storage-intensive tasks, this hard drive experiences slow down. There is also mechanical issue regarding the durability that is delivered by the flash memory. Therefore, you may need to be a bit more patient using it while on the go. Well, compared to its price, this quality along with its features are fair. It’s cheap, cheaper than other similar devices and it has four different modes.

ThinkPad Yoga 2-In-1 Performance, Connections and Battery

Let’s dig a bit further about this device. When it comes to performance, the Intel Pentium CPU delivers fairly good performance. You cannot expect this device to perform as great as devices with Intel Core i3 or i5. However, given with the price, this device’s performance is good especially when you consider about its 4 different modes to enjoy. In fact, during seasonal sale, you can get this price as cheap as $450 only. Yes, it makes a pretty good deal. Its N5320 Intel Premium processor offers more powerful performance compared to Asus Atom Z3740 or Dell Venue Pro 11. This specific processor can address to 8GB memory. It’s certainly something that those two other Atoms cannot do with only 2Gb memory.

Thanks to Microsoft, this device officially comes with Windows 8 interface with tile-based which is definitely fast and also responsive. Lenovo has also done certain work. It’s a work where Lenovo comes with small popup to recommend the specific ads that you may like.

The connectivity options for this laptop table are fairly impressive. It comes with Wireless connectivity 802.11a/c, 4 in 1 version of media car center, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and also HDMI ports. These standard options are useful for daily use. At least, you can use the device to assist you in preparing and displaying slides for seminar.

As for the battery performance, Lenovo Yoga 2 In 1 is not disappointing. It is equipped with 4-cell lithium polymer battery at 35 Wh that can last to 6.6 hours. In one of the drain test, the battery can actually last for 5 hours 35 minutes. This is a great achievement and proofs that Lenovo is not just bluffing. There are some other features including web camera and microphone, high quality Dolby Advanced Audio for stereo speakers and more else. The device also comes with new system called APS or Active Protection System. This is actually accelerometer that detects any movement and stops device’s drive when a fall is detected. It’s a useful protection system.

With this list of specifications and features, Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1 laptop tablet makes a pretty good deal for multiuse device. Its biggest advantage perhaps lies on the fact that it has four different modes unlike other devices. It promises easier and more flexible use every time and everywhere. More convenient use basically will help the user to be more productive when working in front of this laptop tablet.