Drhob 1pcs Bag Plastic Bracket

Many people don’t like when it comes to throw away the trash when the dustbin is on the other side of the kitchen. It happens because most people put the trashcan or dustbin outside the kitchen to prevent bad smell. Moreover, we know that big trashcan may contain of many bacteria and other dangerous things which is not good for our health. That’s why; it is a great idea if you put your trashcan as far as your kitchen. However, you may find difficulties when you want to throw away the trash. This is because you have to walk to the trash place while actually you are still cooking. There is a solution that you can purchase trash bin which can be placed under the sink. But for some people that trash bin is too expensive. This is not longer becoming your problem if you have the Drhob plastic bracket for garbage. You will love it because what you need to prepare is only the small plastic to hold the bracket. You can put the ring everywhere near you so you can throw away the trash easily.



This practical garbage bracket is made of durable plastic. It is 22 x 12.5 cm for the size. This is very flexible as you can hook it everywhere you need the plastic. When you move while cooking or cutting or preparing, you can move it the entire time nest to you. So you can cook comfortably without going here and there to throw away the trash to trashcan outside the kitchen. The weight of one kitchen plastic bracket is only 80 grams. You can hang or hook it in cabinet door, drawer door or your kitchen doors. This garbage plastic bracket allows you keep your space in preparing ingredients to cook. Moreover, you kitchen will be clean because you put the trash bag next to you.

Best Cabinet Door Mounted Trash Bag Holder

cabinet door trash bag holder with lid 600x600 Drhob 1pcs Bag Plastic Bracket

cabinet door mounted trash bag holder


Many people are constantly hanging bags the ones you get from shopping in the kitchen. They used those bags for putting the trash while or after cooking. They like putting the shopping bags in the door or cabinet’s knobs. Once again, the reason is because they have trashcan somewhere else whether outside or other side of the wall. The problem is when you hang the shopping bags in the knobs; they don’t open widely all of the way. It makes you miss the target and some trashes are scattered on the floor. Moreover, you should clean your kitchen in longer time. This is the idea of practical bracket. It is great way to keep the bag open so you can put the trash or food into small trash. For sure, it reduces the possibility of scattering and spilling. Get this bracket and you can place it on one of your drawer. It is better to put this on place you always cross it. Once you put it, the plastic bag will stay there except you want to move it. However, it is very easy as well to move it everywhere you like. Because of its handy, you can put it in other room too such as your makeup room.

Cheap Over The Cabinet Garbage Bag Holder

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over cabinet door trash bag holder

Small and Convenient

Many people who have already tried practical garbage bracket think that this thing is awesome. You have your garbage outside the kitchen. That will not be a problem anymore. It will very helpful especially when your garbage is a bit small. It is very effective to have this bag plastic bracket in your kitchen. You will need it desperately when you pill a bunch of potatoes or you chop up some vegetables. It will be a pain to go here and there from the kitchen to garbage and vice versa. With this useful bag plastic bracket, that’s not your problem anymore. You must be too tired to go out and back to the washer or bring the trash from the kitchen again. The handy plastic bracket is small and convenient. You can use regular plastic from shopping bags. They fit in the bracket perfectly. You will find this helpful think is more solid than it looks. It fits perfectly on the counter so you can slide the bag plastic bracket inside. Most people like this idea. However, some people are concerned whether it can be hit or not. Also how much weight this practical bracket can handle. Many people may be afraid that it can break. You don’t need to worry because the plastic is strong and thick. So it can handle your garbage. However, it will be better if you only use small or medium size because later you can throw it away into your big garbage. This way can make your kitchen clean. Even if you have little kids at home, this thing is really helpful to keep your house clean.

Simple Under Counter Garbage Bag Holder

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kitchen cabinet garbage bag holders


This wonderful bracket for plastic bag is very affordable. Its price is $6.92 in Amazon. If you order for more than $49, it will be FREE shipping. This product is in stock so you can grab it fast. Order now and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. Then the plastic bracket from Drhob is yours. We will ship the products in to your confirmed address as you wish. So please make sure that your address is right.

Large Kitchen Cabinet Trash Bag Holder


This helpful plastic bracket from Drhob is 100% brand new and it has high quality. The size of this plastic bracket is about 22 x 12.5 cm. It is made of durable plastic. It can be used in kitchen, laundry room, office, and many more. The weight is 80 g. It can be placed in many places such as hanging on the door, drawer door, or cabinet door. This practical plastic bracket from Drhob is very creative and practical idea. You can save your space and keep the room clean and tidy.

Easy Trash Bag Holder Cabinet Door

So what you are waiting for? Absolutely, you will need this handy and practical yet useful plastic bag bracket to keep your kitchen clean, neat and tidy. You will be amazed that your work in the kitchen will be a lot easier as you don’t need to clean up your kitchen twice.

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