Portable and Rechargeable Fan, Happon Couples Mini Fan USB White

When the weather is not too friendly outside and you can’t depend on the air conditioner to cool you down, you will need this portable fan. It can save your life so much. This mini fan from Happon will cool your surrounding so you can relieve from hot temperatures. You will love this much and most importantly it is good for your environment.


Portability and Comfort

One of the major advantages of having rechargeable fan is that you can use it everywhere you are. You can bring it in any locations. Different from the big fan or air conditioner you have at home, this fan is less expensive. In this way, you will be able to save money for energy costs. You can put this portable mini fan in your work desk. It will not take many spaces. This fan can be brought for outdoor and indoor activities. Cooling from the heat will make your activity more enjoyable and comfortable.

Cheap Portable Mini Fan Battery Operated

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Safety besides to keep people around this fan comfortable, Happon’s rechargeable mini fan will protect you along the hot sunny summer months. If the temperature is up, many people normally are falling sick easily or even some people have problem with heat stroke and dehydration. However, if you own this mini fan, it can cool your sweat and cool your body down as well. Moreover, as this fan is rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about the safety. It is okay to use for your children because this fan doesn’t need to connect with electricity.

Best Compact Portable Battery Operated Fan

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People Who Gets the Benefit as what mentioned before, children can get its benefits specifically. They can use this mini USB fan when they play outside the house or when they go camping. When children play, most of the time, they forget to drink because they are too busy having fun. This can cause dehydration, but this fan can make them stay cool and hydrated. Even you can use this fan for your pets. However, this fan is the best for you who always stay in front of your computer whether working, studying or playing games. If the fan is run out of the battery, you can just plug it into your USB port and it can recharge. In addition, Happon’s portable fan is very efficient, simple and easy to maintenance. It will accompany you and cool you down during the hot summer months in the year.

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Size the weight of this rechargeable fan is very light. Its weight is only 240 g. That’s why it’s called portable because you can bring it every time and everywhere you want. The dimension of the fan is 5.2 x 2.3 x 3.5 inches. It is not quite big. The bigger fans are heavier than this one. This size is small and compact also portable so you can bring it easily.

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Performance of this portable mini fan has strong rechargeable mode. It has powerful speed which is up to 3 speed. The fan head can be rotated 350°and can be rotated 90°backward. By the way it is tilting, the fan can move easily and you can get the cool air as long as it goes. The round shaped of this fan can comfort you with the cool air as well. You can change its different angles as much as you like. So the cool air can spread out through the fan.

Rechargeable built-in Batteries

The battery capacity is 1200mA and its voltage is 3.7v. Moreover, the charging voltage is 5v. With 3 levels of speed, you can adjust on which levels you want to get the cool wind. To charge this portable rechargeable fan, you need about 2.5 hours to complete the recharging. The fan can operate about 4 hours if you choose the fast level speed. If you adjust into the small speed, you can enjoy the cool wind for about 6 hours. The operating time of this fan is normally according to the battery’s capacity. The good thing of using rechargeable batteries is that we can reduce the bad effects on environments and human. You can surely save more energy and money because you can reuse the rechargeable batteries.

USB Rechargeable Portable Fan Mini

For the price in Amazon you can get this mini fan only for $17.99. If your order is more than $49, you will get FREE Shipping advantage. This portable rechargeable fan is in stock. So if you want it desperately, you can order within an hour and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. Then you can get the cool wind as soon as possible.


This product is from Happon and sold by Amazon. This portable mini USB fan has 350 degree rotation. It has dual motor fan which can give you the cool wind more and more. There are two fans which can be adjusted in different angles. So you can enjoy the wind together with other people in the same time. To recharge this mini fan, you can use USB port. The lithium battery can be charged using laptops, computers and other devices which have USB port. In the package, you will get charging cable and a small clear plastic which can be used to support the device. If the mini fan is in use, the small blue LED light will turn to be blue.

This is so perfect to be put in your desk. As it is mentioned before, this rechargeable mini USB fan is portable because of its light weight. You can carry it everywhere you are. It is easy to keep and portable since the design is so handy. If you don’t use it, you can fold the two fans together and it will be converted into traditional portable fan. In addition to the Happon’s fan details, you will realize that this mini fan is multifunction. It is absolutely great to use in indoor. You can have it in your office, study room, dorm, bedroom or kitchen. You will the energy when you don’t need air condition. It really saves money and energy. Besides indoor use, you can use it for outdoor activity as well. You can bring it for travelling too. If you have baby and you want to cool in better and quieter way, get this portable and rechargeable fan directly.