Avalon by Keyton Refrigerator and Freezer with Reversible Doors

As we speak of highly energy efficient refrigerator and freezer, the Avalon 3.1 cubic feet with double doors is an ideal choice. Its prominent feature is reversible door. It’s a high advanced yet functional feature to allow you deciding in which way you want the door to swing. To give even more look to the door, it comes with recessed handle. This special lighting fixture built in the door gives a cool lighting effect especially during the night. It also becomes a useful light indictor to let you know where to grab when you sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night.

When it comes to choosing the right refrigerator, Avalon can certainly be the first choice. Avalon proves its value to be your lifetime investment that you want to keep for as long as you can. Avalon gives you more than just a refrigerator and freezer. It’s more than that. It’s about a lifestyle. Some of you may not realize but refrigerator can show pretty much about your lifestyle. If you are a person who treasures health, you’ll go for refrigerator with lots of storage for you to keep healthy fruits and veggies. If you are long for functionality and flexibility, a refrigerator that allows you to get glass of water without opening the door will be the product you buy right after you saw it. Avalon is definitely one of those refrigerators with high-advanced features. At least, it has reversible doors.

Reversible Door Fridge Freezer

Reversible Doors

The reversible doors are the prominent features of Avalon 3.1 refrigerator and fridge. This new door design is advanced in system and functional as well. It allows you to swing the door right of left. You decide it yourself. If you feel like swinging it left in the morning, do it. But if you feel like swinging it right in the evening, do not hesitate. It basically gives more flexibility to the way you make sure of the refrigerator. And, it’s also a great and useful feature for a small kitchen. This way, you can still enjoy some flexibility even your kitchen space is a bit cramped.

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Even more, the door itself has convenient racks that can use to store up to 2 liter capacity. There are also more separated storage spaces including transparent vegetable and fruit drawer and the removable shelf. With the addition of interior light, it provides both aesthetic and functional lighting.

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Efficient Storage

As for the storage, Avalon 3.1 has some surprises as well. This refrigerator has a number of functional storage spaces. It features main spaces including removable shelves, drawers for fruit and vegetable that can be used for maximum storage and also some additional storage spaces available on the doors. To find out whether you can go with this storage size or not, get a measurer. This way, you can compare it to your previous refrigerator. Basically, the size of Avalon refrigerator and freezer size is ideal for family use or single use that is into cooking.

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The storage spaces for refrigerator are bigger than the freezer. This feature actually means to help you living much healthier. As you may know that a person with typically unhealthy eating habit tends to store frozen foods. These kinds of food are much easier to cake but are worse for their health. So, bigger freeze may trigger you to start the same habit as well. But when what you have is bigger refrigerator space, you’ll like much healthier. At least, the amount of frozen food you store will be reduced. At the same time, you’ll store healthier ingredients for everyday meals including fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Energy Star Certified

Avalon is also a product that cares about the earth. That’s why this product has both the Energy Star and UL certification. The energy efficiency feature is truly a big selling point when it comes to electronic product including refrigerator. Compared to refrigerators sold a decade ago, the recent refrigerators are much more efficient. That’s because the new fridges are asking you to go green. With more energy saved during the operation of the electronic product, you have made a contribution to protect the earth. And, it also saves your electricity at once. So, it’s always a feature that benefits you in many ways.

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Interior Light

Inside every fridge, interior light is essential. The name may just suggest a light for style purpose. Actually, it is more than just that. This is a useful and functional light to help you see everything you have inside the fridge. Of course, this convenient feature is the one you need the most when you get busy in the kitchen late at night. As many other interior lights for refrigerator, Avalon also allows you to replace it in case of damage or broken. As for the cost, such lighting is cheap so you can replace it with ease. Just go to the near hardware store and ask for interior light replacement. Even you can do the replacement by yourself. But make sure you unplug the cable first.

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Adjustable Thermostat

Thermostat is a very important feature in every fridge. This small detail actually brings huge functions. It allows you to customize the temperature setting according to your need. Usually, you have to consider what kind of foods you store inside the fridge in order to set the right temperature. If you store fruits and veggies, you don’t want it to be too cold. Otherwise, the fruits and veggies will be damaged. But, if you store lots of meat, make sure it is cold enough to keep the meet in good condition. It’s recommended to adjust the temperature once in a while every time you store something new inside the fridge. It’s important to keep all the ingredients fresh inside.

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With a wide variety of handy and highly functional features and system including the affordable price as well, the Avalon 3.1 cubic feet with double door makes a really good investment for at least 5 years ahead.