San Francisco Bay OneCup, Fog Chaser, 80 Single Serve Coffees

For those who love coffee and never leave home before having a cup of coffee in the morning, you should know and try this; San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee. You can have good coffee every day at home like what you commonly find in a coffee shop. The coffee product is made from the best coffee that is high grown, well selected, and perfectly process by experienced people to result the best coffee.

This coffee product is made from the blending of South and Central American coffees. Drinking this coffee will enable you having lifted spirit in the morning, balance, and full bodied. This product is well-matched with Keurig K-Cup coffee brewers and also other brewers for single serve, but it is not suitable with the Keurig Vue or Rivo. It can be a better choice for those who need to serve single coffee. For the perfect coffee product, the coffee trees are grown with full of responsibility and also fairly traded. The coffee are also well inspect repeatedly as long as and after the roasting process. In the 2.0 brewer, you can use 1.0 cup to make coffee.

San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser Coffee Review

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Fog Chaser Coffees

San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee will be favorite coffee for everyone who wants to lift the morning fog away so you can have more spirited day from the beginning. The South and Central American coffees used are the best choices, well grown and picked by hands. So you can enjoy the well balanced coffees that are also full bodied.

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san francisco bay fog chaser coffee review

Best Coffees from the Best Farmers

This coffee is taken from a field with the best farmers. The farmers pay attention well to the coffee plantations as well as how the weather and other things will affect the crops. To work well in the plantations, the farmers are always guaranteed for good life, good profit and also life that is always comfortable. The farming method is also always improved, doing the works with great responsible to the environment, the increasing of crop yield and also better coffee production. The best farmers always work well on the 3,000 acre of the coffee plantations. And the manufacturer always tries to develop the good taste of the coffee and increase the coffee yields. Besides, they also always use natural methods of production and process the coffees in high quality mills more consistently time by time.

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The Goodness behind the Coffee Growing

If you love enjoying coffee and choose San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee as your coffee, it means that you are indirectly touching the lives of hundreds of people in the community of farming in all over the world. The programs of the manufacturer is named Grown for Good. This program has constructed thousands of houses, lots of schools, dental or medical facilities, kitchens, plants for water treatment, etc. The programs are also included educational programs, recreational and sports programs, hot meal programs, nutrition programs, education programs for adults, as well as the programs of environmental responsibility. The improvements of housing, education, health and also the sanitary conditions make the people in the farms have life quality improvement.

The Company Story

The San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee was founded 34 years ago by Rogers Family Company consisting Jon and Barbara Rogers, their daughter, three sons as well as two daughters in law and also more than 250 staffs. Most of the staff in the coffee manufacturer have been working in about 10, 20, 30 years long and even more. Some of the staffs have had families as long as they work in the manufacturer.

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This coffee manufacturer has unique approach in farming, grinding, roasting, packing as well as marketing the coffee. They have simple goal; producing as best as possible coffee products and also providing it at good price. Making improvement to the life of people around the manufacturer and respect the environment. The owner and the staffs work together like a big family and also treat the farmers and customers like their family too.

The Superior Coffee to Have Every Day

Every great quality coffee must come from the great quality coffee beans. All people who love coffee say the same and it is absolutely true. The San Francisco Bay coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans in the best quality. The coffee is grown on the high mountains and then picked by hands when the ripeness has been perfect. To reach the best demanding coffee standards in business, the manufacturer is very picky about selecting the coffee beans in best quality. When they have gotten the best coffee beans, the coffee is then roasted perfectly with the secret and exclusive roasting system so the perfect flavor point is reached.

Next, the perfectly roasted coffee beans are grinded well to make the flavor optimally awesome. Then the coffee is packaged in single serve pods of San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee that has been revolutionary. The strict assurance of the coffee quality will make sure that you will get excellent coffee taste consistently. It comes with simple criteria that is better than other products in single serve pods too. The OneCup filter of this brand is specially designed to make sure that you will have the best flavor extraction in every cup of coffee you brew.

Product Description

San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee is a product that works in most coffee brewers of Keurig K-Cup, excluding the Vue type and also the Version 2. Try this to make your every morning coffee and enjoy it to lift away the fog. The coffee beans from South and Central American are the well-selected one, picked by hand and also high grown. Experience coffee drinking from the best well balanced and full bodied coffee. K-Cup and Keurig are the trademarks that have been registered as Keurig Incorporation.

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Most customers give 5 star rate for this single serve coffee pods, which means that they are really satisfied to the perfect coffee flavor. If you are the real coffee lover, then you should try this San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee and get all of the goodness given from the best coffee product.