Apple Watch Sport with Space Grey Aluminum Case and Black Band

Watch might be one of the most common types of accessories that you can find these days. There are various types of watch that you can find on the market these days. These watches also came in various choices of brand name, specifications, and features as well. Watch not only can tell you time but also can make your appearance looks more attractive as well. Some watches are even considered as fashion items and might have quite high price.

According to its type, watch basically can be categorized into two main types, analog watch and digital watch. Analog watch is the type of watch that has its own mechanic. The easiest way to identify analog watch is that this type of watch has needles that will point the numbers and show you the time. Some analog watches are also considered as antique watches that might have quite high price. Most analog watches are made of metal such as stainless steel or platinum. You can also find analog watches that are made by using more precious metal or even precious stones.

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Digital watch is more modern compared to analog watch. Even though analog watch is older, digital watch is more preferable these days. As suggested by its name, digital watch is the type of watch that uses digital mechanism. This type of watch has its own processor. The time on digital watch will be displayed on the screen. Digital watch might also have various features as well. These days, digital watch came with more advanced features. Some digital watches can show how far the distance that you run while other digital watches might allow you to know the depth when you diving. Due to these amazing features, no wonder that most digital watches are also designed as sport watches or watch that is designed specifically for sport related activities.

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If you like sports such as running, swimming, or even bicycling, you might want to find the right sport watch that can show your progress while doing your sport activities. There are various choices of digital sport watch that you can find on the market these days. These sport watches also came in various choices of brand name a well. One of the brand names of digital sport watch that you can find these days is Apple. As you might know, Apple is one of the biggest brands of computer product in the world these days. This brand name is specifically known for mobile phone and PC. However, these days Apple tries to expand its market by designing digital sport watch that offers various amazing features.

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The first thing that you will notice about this Apple watch sport is definitely its design. Just like other Apple’s products, Apple watch sport came with very minimalistic design. This minimalistic design emphasizes the modern look of the watch. The size of the display on this watch is about 42 mm. the screen came in rectangular shape with curved edge. The modern style of this watch is supported by its space grey aluminum case. The band of this watch also appears very modern as well. The color of the band is black. Compared to other sport watches, the design of Apple watch sport might be less sporty. This watch even looks like a fashion item. The design is simple, the shape of the watch is very stylish, and the screen looks very minimalist. If you’re looking for sport watch with stylish design, this Apple watch sport is definitely the best choice for you.

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The next thing that you will notice about this sporty watch is its technology. Apple’s products are known for their advanced and excellent technologies. This Apple watch sport is basically not so different from the original Apple watch. The only different is that this Apple watch sport has several additional features that can be used for sports related purposes. The system that is used on the chip of this watch is Apple S1 while the operating system of the watch is watchOS 1.0. This smart watch is also came with 8 GB storage as well that can be used to store various apps, games, videos, or even music. Even though the main purpose of this watch is to tell time, there are other amazing things that you can do by using this watch.

The screen of this Apple watch sport uses the Ion-X OLED Retina technology which is considered as one of the best display technologies that you can find on gadgets these days. There is a side button that you can find on this watch as well. You can use this side button to access your preferred contacts easily. You also can use this button to send messages to your friends or your significant other as long as they use Apple watch too. Besides sending messages, you also can send your heart pulse as well using this side button. This watch came with various apps and features that allow you to perform various tasks from make and receive phone calls, dictate and send text messages, track your sport activities, or even call a taxi. This watch also allows you to browse the apps on the internet easily in case you want to add more apps on your watch.

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The Taptic engine that is created and used specifically on this watch allows you to customize the nudges easily when you get notifications on this watch. Other great thing about this watch is its battery life. This Apple watch sport came with 246mAh battery that provide more than 18 hours of battery life. This watch is very suitable for those of you who love sport activities. You can track your running route using this watch and you can use this watch to measure your heart pulse when you ride your bicycle. Besides it has really stylish design, this watch also has really great durability as well. If you wear this watch during your exercises, you can measure your progress easily using the apps that are provided by the watch. With all these amazing apps and features, exercise will be more exciting and you might be able to get better results from your exercise as well.