Building Bricks 1000 Pc Bulk Blocks and 60 Roof Pieces

Are you looking for interesting bricks for your kids to spend time with? Go for this Lego quality building bricks. Unlike Lego, these quality building bricks will not drain your wallet. The bricks are way much more affordable than Lego. Yet, they have almost as good quality as Lego. So yes, it’s true, the bricks are sturdy and solid. They can be the toys your children can have. Of course, they are suitable for boys and girls but are more recommended for above 3 year old children. Let’s see more about these wonderful bricks and their best features to offer.

10 Colors in One Package

More colors more fun! That’s a sure thing about building bricks. Kids love colors so when they can play with these colorful bricks, they fall in love with it within seconds. The colors are not just any colors though. They include the rare colors such as sand, purple, light blue and pink. While your kids build any blocks or building with the bricks, you can teach them to memorize the name of the colors.

More Cheaper Lego Building Blocks for Sale

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With its affordable price, this package of building bricks does offer the best deal. Compare it to Lego for instance. Buying as many Lego as the bricks will probably drain your wallet. While it’s true that Lego is excellent in quality and material, it’s also true that its price is way too expensive. For your kids, you don’t have to buy such expensive toys. It’s not like the kids know about price right? What they need is great toy like these bricks.

1000 Bricks to Play With

You’ve got 10 different colors already. Now, you will have 1000 building bricks at once. Yes, a thousand of bricks. That’s a lot of number. With this number, your kids can build numerous buildings or one super big building. They will create a masterpiece and you’ll be the one capturing those wonderful moments. Compare it to Lego. With the price of the bricks, you probably can only get few hundreds of Lego. So, this deal is definitely the best you can have. You can ask your kids to ask their friends come along to your house and play building bricks together. Do not worry you have 1000 bricks anyway, right? So every one of the kids has the chance to build anything they want.

Educational Alternative Lego Bricks Models Brands

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Here is another great deal. Of all 1000 available bricks in one package, there are more counts of big bricks than small bricks. Yes, it’s so true. The Wonderland Company, the company that manufacturers the bricks, know exactly that big bricks always mean better deals. Big bricks allow kids to build bigger buildings. So, big bricks mean more fun unlike other buildings bricks that are dominated with small bricks. Imagine how your kids love it! They will be certainly happy to play with it for hours and hours every single day.

60 Roof Pieces

Inside the package, not only will you get 1000 bricks in 10 different colors, but also additional 60 roof pieces. Yes, it’s true. With this number of roof pieces, you can build several big buildings at once. It also gives more possibilities to build anything you like to build. Nothing is limited. And nothing is as great as these bricks. It also triggers your kids to be more imaginative. Your kids will feel like building more various buildings every time they play. Of course, you can also play along. Don’t worry because these bricks are not only designated for kids but also adults who like to play. Adults like you will be having the greatest time.

Good Building Bricks Compatible with Lego Blocks

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Sturdy and Solid Bricks

All of the bricks are sturdy and solid in quality. So, you can rest assure about leaving your building for days. Even though you accidently step on it, the bricks will be more likely in the same condition. They will not be damaged that easily. With this high quality, the bricks are still affordable to purchase. What a great deal to have, right? This is definitely a feature that becomes one of the reasons why you should these building bricks over than other bricks or even Lego.

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Guaranteed Tight Fit

You guess it right, the bricks come with guaranteed tight fit. With loose fit being the most common problem of cheap building bricks, these bricks do not have that problem. That’s because the company that manufacturers these bricks put their best effort during the manufacturing process. Tight fit certainly gives more fun while building any bricks. This way, you don’t need to worry about your buildings collapsed due to loose fit. What another great feature, isn’t it?

Highly Compatible

Are you already a fan of certain branded building block? Well, that shouldn’t be a reason to not purchase these bricks. Why? That’s because the bricks are compatible with various major building block sets. So, your kids can use different bricks at once. This way, you don’t have to throw away the existing block sets you have. Your kids can play with them altogether. Of course, because every brick comes with tight fit, your kids will have no issue playing with it. With 1000 bricks from this set and hundreds of bricks from other block sets, your kids can build massive building like Robot, real house and other objects or mini figures that they love so much. The buildings they create will be super awesome.

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Shocking Price

So, are you curious of how much should you pay for a package of 1000 building bricks in 10 different colors and 60 roof pieces? Well, do not be too shocked. It is only as cheap as $27.95. Yes, it’s only that much. Try comparing it to Lego, perhaps you need to pay like a hundred dollars more for Lego. What a great way to save money and give the best presents to your kids, right? And, there is also another great deal. It’s free shipping everyone. Imagine how much more money you can save. Nothing is better than this.