Tile Gen 2 Finder 4 Pack Reviewed and Tested

What can be frustrating is misplacing important items like keys and phones. And it’s even more frustrating if you don’t have any idea where you may misplace it because came home too tired the day before. Thanks God you can have Tile Gen 2 Finder. This smartphone-like gadget gives you just the help you need. With a square shape, it can be your savior of the day. And this second generation is definitely much better than the first gen. Its compatibility that makes it much better! It now works with Android devices as well. And it also comes with a bunch of new features. Let’s see how great this new advanced gadget.

Tile Gen 2 Compatibility

This new version of Tile Gen 2 supports various devices including iOs and Android devices. As for the Apple devices, it supports at least iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and also Apple Watch.

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As for the Android devices, it supports at least Android 4.4 and higher. Some of the Android devices supported by this gadget are HTC One M9/M8, LG Nexus 5, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5 and HTC One/One Plus.

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Tile works best for devices with at least Android 4.4 and also Bluetooth 4.0. But, this gadget doesn’t work for Microsoft devices unfortunately. Maybe, the next Tile generation will support it.

How Tile Gen 2 Works

Suppose, you have purchased Tile Gen 2, and you still wonder how this gadget works, learn from the following information. What you have to do first is to let the Tile recognizes your devices. To do this, you simply have to attach Tile to the devices. Tile works with Bluetooth to recognize and keep a record of your devices. So, it will connect to your phone through Bluetooth. And in the Tile’s app, you will find the record of location of your devices.

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So, when you lose your devices, you only have to open the app in Tile and press “find” button. Tile will then send message to Tile app in your device. If your device is within range which is 30 meters, you will hear 90dB melody from your lost device. But, if it’s not within range, then you should open the map in Tile device and see where your device was last spotted. It’s as easy as that.

Tile Gen 2 Modern Design

When you see the Tile Gen 2 at once, you may mistake it as Android phone, the cheaper version though. That’s because Tile design is similar. It’s small and made from lightweight plastic square. It has rounded corners. Its weight is only third of an ounce. And it also comes with keychain hold that is available in upper left corner.

Tile Gen 2 Impressive Feature and Performance

The performance of this great little gadget is surprisingly impressive. It works just as the manufacturer said. It is said that the covered range is 100 feet or around 30 meters and it is proven. Some users have witnessed it themselves. Name a user in Weehawken who asked his assistant to hide his Tile-attached key somewhere in large garden that is located behind the apartment he lives in. And, so he went on quest just to find his keys.

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He tested whether Tile really covers range of 100 feet or not. So, he began the searching. Apparently, the Tile worked properly. When the Tile found the keys, he heard the loud 90 decibel melody. So, he found the keys so easily. He then repeated it for three times and every time the Tile worked great. The sound of the melody from this Tile Gen 2 is apparently three times louder compared to the first generation of Tile. So, even for people with lack of hearing problem, finding the lost devices using Tile won’t be a frustrating.

Tile Gen has a bunch of new features. Yes, this gadget is water resistant. So, there should be nothing to worry if you accidentally let the Tile soaked in rain or splashes. But, don’t take your Tile to swim with you. It’s water resistant not waterproof though. And, it is also has been rated IP5.

Community Find

Here is another great feature from Tile Gen 2. Welcome the new Community Find feature. Tile provides particular community for all Tile users to gather and communicate with each other. The main reason of this community is to help the member to find their lost devices. For instance, a Tile user living 3 blocks away from your apartment lose her phone. Then, she activated the “notify when found” option in her Tile app. Then, once your Tile app is within the proximity of her lost phone, your Tile app will notify you and her about the position of her lost phone. This way, you can help her to find her phone. It applies the same way once you have lost a device.

Another feature is also available in this second generation Tile. It’s a feature to let you phone lost device within Bluetooth range. To use this feature, you only have to double tap the “e” button on your Tile. It’s the coolest thing. Even though you set the phone vibrate when you lost it, Tile can make your phone ring. And it’s definitely an easy way to find the phone. Of course, it’s faster to find it this way.

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With such features and functionality, Tile Gen 2 can be considered as one of the most useful gadget this year. It may be not something you can use every day but it becomes very useful when you desperately need to find your devices back. For this reason, it comes with good battery performance so no need for you to charge it every day. You can just keep it safe inside your drawer while you are at home and keep it in your bag while you are away. Just make sure to bring it along with you every time you are away because you’ll never know when you misplace your device.