Asus Chromebox M004U Desktop Review: Capable and Affordable Device on Its Class

Asus Chromebox is a sort of product which is quite satisfying and worthy to have. After the device is already shipped, you will get a kind of box which is small and also featureless. It runs a simple OS which is based on a web browser. It is basically quite difficult to find the points of difference between Chromebox A and Chromebox A since they are common included some similar features. However, in Asus Chromebox M004U at least you find that it covers all the hardware features of a typical PC notebook. The features are including a keyboard and display with simple but stunning shape and weight. People may say that chromebox is a little bit useless as its ability is only around accessing the web via Google Chrome, not much more. However, you should think twice about it. In fact, there are some key benefits for chromboxes along with their mobile counterparts.

Chromebox are able to boot only in seconds and they also have kind of built-in virus protection that can be automatically updated just like the whole OS. Besides, another advantage is related to the security and its easiness to be managed with various ever-growing applications for web to be used.

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asus chromebox for meetings review

Many People may say that using Chrome is quite interesting particularly for them who experience of finding any bug from OS. Based on that fact if you think you are interested to move on from a tradition OS, it seems the Asus Chromebox is a really good way to start it all. With the size of only 4.9 inches, wide by 4.9 inches, an deep by 1.65 inches thick you can classify it as a small or little box with some advantages. It tends to be really practical to carry and even you can ismply tuck it behind the display. Well, the cost for getting this one is quite low for finding a device which looks nice and feels solid.

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The Asus Chromebox M004U is definitely set in a compact box in weight at 2.6 pounds. Slightly it is quite similar with other chromebox in term of shape and features. However, it is considered as a little bit different in terms of shape and also features. It tends to be heftier as it comes with a plethora of I/O ports on the outer parts. Besides, there are is Chrome OS for the design with some programs like Microsoft Vision and Print Shop. Next, how about the malware tackling? There is a malware free platform as it doesn’t support any Windows-based malware. Consequently, your emails and files will stay in the cloud storage with constant updates to against the malware and virus threats. Besides, it also features Google’s Powerwash that enables you to reinstall the operating system only in a few minutes.

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The connectivity options available are quite standard just like other chromeboxes. But there isstill any other superiority offered like the availability of HDMI port, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, 100GB of Google Drive storage available for about two years after a purchase of a chrome OS device.

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As its name Chromebox M004U gives you the full version of Chrome browser including the x86-based browser plugins and many other web applications that enable you to customize yourself. You don’t need to struggle with office document typing and editing, it becomes much easier with the new version of Google OS. For entertainment media, you will find it more interesting since video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime work in perfectly by using Chrome as well on Windows or Mac OS. Porting your bookmarks from the desktop version on PC is easier as long as you have logged in with your Google account.

Anything seems easier particularly those which are related to the Chrome Plugins like Adblock Plus and even Google translate. Those plugins are automatically installed and they can work very well on the Chromebox. It is so common as well nowadays to connect your devices to the mobile operating system. In this part, Chromebox M004U by Asus is more recommended than the others. It is by seeing the final result in which the fonts and other elements look normal and even good while being displayed in the chromebox just like they look like on your PC. It also covers some other applications you may often use in your real life like Google Hangout and other browser. Then, all of them work really fine. That is what makes the chromebox tends to be more recommended.

Another good thing goes to the mice and keyboard. The available windows and USB mice along with the keyboards are supported without any fail within the basic function. There are the controls for adjusting, rotating, and also aligning the display which can be found inside. You can test it on at least two TV’s and maybe computer monitors to see whether it works perfectly or not. This thing is done during the checking process of mine and there is no problem at all.

It can be concluded that Asus Chromebox M004U is a better choices compared with other types of chromeboxes on its class. It is since it offers faster ports and newer processor with cost which is relatively affordable. The competitors unfortunately since have some lacks which make the chromebox released by Asus look more qualified. Indeed, with few hundred dollars more you may find that which is in the higher level with better screen, more storage, and even full windows operating system. However, as a started what has been provided in Asus Chromebox M004U is more than enough. It is particularly if your budgets are limited while you want to o some internet activities on the large screen.

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Interestingly, this product is already available in Amazon in which you can order it within 2 hours 42 minutes and choose the Two-Day Shipping. The device is available along with some other completeness including 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron 2955U processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM and 16 GB SSD HDD, Intel graphics, Google Chrome OS and some other product details.