Dell OptiPlex 745 Review

Desktop computer is no longer the basic need for most people. They prefer laptop now. However, this Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop computer is still considered as one of the most powerful computers we can have today. With this computer, we can do a lot of things. It can do better than average usage. Below is the review of this computer.

1. Overview
This computer set is considered to be high-end desktop computer because it is powered by Intel Core Duo already. The 13GHz processor makes this computer fast and enjoyable to use. The RAM is 3GB DDR2 SDRAM RAM guaranteeing the computer to be lagging-free. This computer is using 80GB SATA hard drive. You can store as many files as you wish. This Dell PC is also considered to be great for heavy duty computing work and even for gaming. The original OS of this PC is Windows XP. However, it is upgradable to Windows Vista.

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Beside of doing paperwork, this computer can be used to play the latest video games. Some HD video games can even be played on this computer as well. With the right software, this computer can do video editing and music editing. This computer is also functional to be used to watch online movies including Netflix or Hulu. Checking social media like Facebook and Twitter can be done with this PC as well. If you get a webcam, you can also use this computer to communicate with your family and friends using Skype. Basically, this Windows Vista-ready PC is great to support your daily activity.

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2. Great for Business
This Dell PC is great for any kind of business. So, if you run business that needs PC, this PC is going to be perfect for you. OptiPlex 745 is basically an energy-efficient PC so that it will be great to be used in any business. It is also fully customizable so that it can be flexible to support your business. This PC is a full set one with monitor, CPU, and keyboard. It has sophisticated features and technologies. This computer is also great for business because it has customized deployment feature. It makes the installation and setup easier. This PC supports remote management as well so that it is helpful to manage your business from wherever you are. Last but not least, this PC is completed by flexible security features. The features are going to help you protect your business and increase your business income as well.

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3. More Efficient in Saving Energy
This PC is supported by the Energy Star. It means that the OptiPlex 745 PC is totally energy efficient for sure. With this feature, the PC is specially designed and programmed to reduce power consumption. It also has the function to reduce energy costs. The PC is great in saving energy because this PC is processing its power management effectively by combining the Intel Core™2 Duo processors, power supplies, flat panel displays, and the eco-friendly chassis design of BTX. With the combination, the PC can save 70% energy and help you maintain the sustainability of the earth as well.

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4. Great Performance for Small Price
The price of this OptiPlex 745 PC from Dell is quite inexpensive. However, the quality is just amazing. With this PC, you can even do multitasking. The PC is the combination Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 10,000-rpm drive which is considered to be speedy. Beside of that, this PC also uses Radeon X1300 graphics and the DDR2-667 memory. The memory itself is considered to be fast and comfortable to be used. That is why this PC can bring you a lot of great advantages including durable and strong performance. With the graphic specification, you can run small business of graphic design with this PC. This PC can support light version of Corel Draw and Photoshop without getting lag. Playing game is also not a problem with this PC. This PC can help you play even semi-HD game, especially because this PC is completed by 19-inch monitor. The monitor is wide enough to give you great display of the game and other works you do using the computer.

5. Pros, Cons, and Conclusion
Let us begin from the pros of this PC: The pros of this PC are quite numerous actually. First of all, it has Intel Core™2 Duo processors. The 13GHz processor is indeed enhancing the performance of this computer. Beside of that, this computer is an Energy Star PC. The PC can save 70% energy so that it is more durable eventually. The PC also uses Radeon X1300 graphics which is great for gaming and it has 3GB DDR2 SDRAM RAM in it to make the computer lag-free. The cons or the bad thing about this PC is just that this PC is still using Windows XP which is quite outdated for now. However, you do not have to worry at all about that because the Windows XP OS is completely upgradable to Windows Vista. Eventually, if the business that you run or the computing work you do is light, the Windows XP or Vista should be enough. In conclusion, the Dell OptiPlex 745 is a worth buying PC. It offers you a great PC with nice performance. It has great features and the price is also inexpensive. It is a wonderful option of PC if you need something simple but powerful to do your work fast or to run your business greatly.

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Looking for this Dell OptiPlex 745 PC is not quite easy anymore these days. People do not sell it anymore especially because Windows XP has been discontinued. However, you can still find the PC on Amazon. Amazon is a great place for online shoppers. You can basically find anything here, including PC. This Dell OptiPlex 745 PC gets positive feedback and reviews from the customers and it also has high rating on the website. Surely, the great features of this PC is making the PC popular on Amazon and that is why you need to purchase it.

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