Your Best Electric Toothbrush with Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

All of peoples already familiar with the electric toothbrush that commonly use. The electric toothbrush is toothbrush which make the brush movement quicker, make well move from the front until back parts and automatically. Usually the electronic toothbrush has alternative where the toothbrush head is moving similar with the clockwise and the opposite of rotation. The main function electronic toothbrush is cleaning your teeth. The electric toothbrush has an recharge battery as a main power supply through the inductive charge where the toothbrush place in charging base. The electric toothbrush can be classified according the frequencies from their movement as a power, ultrasonic toothbrush and sonic according by the movement speed. The speed is around of 20-20,000 Hz or 2400-2,400,000 in minutes.

Did you know that there is some types of electronic toothbrush? As we mention before that there is differences of movement speed that according their type. The electronic toothbrush can be classified into 2 categories based on their performance, such as: rotation and vibration toothbrush. If the movement similar with the manual toothbrush that we usually use, it can be classified as a vibration toothbrush. If you use the rotation, the movement like rotation move and the cleaning will move the toothbrush slowly in every tooth. The other classification of electric toothbrush is based on their speed performance, they are: sonic toothbrush and ultrasonic toothbrush. If the movement is quicker that can cause the hum frequency from the human around 20Hz-20,000HZ it can be classified as a sonic toothbrush. The electric toothbrush which get the fast speed above of 20,000 Hz, it can be classified as a ultrasonic toothbrush.

The next question is, what are their differences and which one the most effective?

As we know that sonic toothbrush is an electronic toothbrush with the speed movement is quick enough to give the vibration that audible range. The most modern brand that produce this toothbrush is Oral-B that has category around 12.000-24.000 Hz or 24.000-48.000 movements in minutes. This sonic toothbrush is able to brush your teeth automatically and the movement is in high amplitude then the length able to sweep all of your teeth area. The ultrasonic toothbrush is giving the high frequency of vibration but lower in amplitude. The vibration can attack the bacterial chain which can cause remove your dental plaque around 5 mm in your gum line. There are some benefits from each toothbrush that you can use based on your need. The sonic toothbrush will give you the sweep vibration that effective to clear off your food particles and the rest of bacterial chains. The vibration of sonic toothbrush is lower than ultrasonic toothbrush. The ultrasonic has higher vibration but lower in amplitude that can cut off your bacterial chains and rid off your plaque problems as well. As you know the differences, you can choose the most suitable for your toothbrush based on your dental condition.

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Best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth and gums

Now we move to the what the best brand for the electric toothbrush? The best one from some brand is Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity. This is new electric toothbrush which completed by Bluetooth between the brush and your Smartphone. This is new evolution for electric toothbrush in whole of the world.

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This product is able to give the high technology of dental cleaning using the wireless of SmartGuide and has been proven to clean off you teeth for 100% of your plaque with the 3D cleanings: oscillates, rotates and pulsates. This toothbrush has been completed with the 4.0 Bluetooth which connected to your Oral-B Application and providing you the guidance of real time with your dental professional. You can have your dental private treatment to fulfill your specific mouth. This product has 6 features for your best function, they are: the daily clean, sensitive, whitening, the gum care, the tongue cleaner and your deep clean. The additional features are: Bluetooth, the sensorial pressure, SmartGuide wireless and premium for travel accessories.

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The one package is including” 1 handle of recharging of toothbrush, 1 of 3Dwhite for head toothbrush, 2 head of CrossActions for your toothbrush, 1 of Head of Floss Action toothbrish, t1 of recharge station with the storage for the head brush, cover charge, and wireless for Smart Guide. So this product is become new innovation from the electric toothbrush that connect with your Smartphone through the Bluetooth connectivity in order to communicate with the dental professional.

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It is a huge benefit that you can get. The Cross Action brush able to surround your every teeth with the side brush in 16 degrees and the 3D will cleaning with oscillates, spinning movements and vibrate to break your plaque more effective than usual toothbrush. As we know that Oral-B being the number one brand which used by the dentist in around the world. The price from this product is around $1112.81, the price is adjustable for your maximum benefit that you can get. Some peoples already give good review and feedback about this product. Some of them said that the toothbrush really worth it and functional. But some of them told that their not satisfy with battery. They said the battery loss quickly and need more times to charge it than for toothbrush time. But it is all depend on yourself, we already familiar that Oral-B becomes very famous and good as a toothbrush producer since a long time ago. Oral-B always gives some innovation that become as the first in around of the world.

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In every country you will able to get the Oral-B toothbrush. The electric toothbrush also effective to handle the children fears from the dentist. Some research said that the most important when you brushing your teeth is about how your brush and amount of times of your brush. It is not about which one more better, but it is all depend yourself. When you get the difficult to reach your back teeth area and or certain area, the electric toothbrush may be useful for you.