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If you are looking for scientific calculator, you should get TI-84 Plus Graphic Calculator. It is made for expanding the graphic of technology performance which provide you with so many applications. These applications are including the functionality to explore inequality graphing, interactive geometry, and analysis and real-world data collection. This graphing calculator can be an ideal solution for students and you who are trying to solve Science and Math problems. This calculator uses MathPrint technology that can engage users to enter any equations and fractions in a proper notation. And in the end, you can see it on its display exactly as it’s printed on the board or in text books.

For those who want to use it for solving questions in certain test, just for your information, it has been approving that TI-84 Plus calculator can be used for several tests recognized around the world like PSAT, ACT college entrance exams, SAT, AP and IB tests.

What is the description about this product?

The purpose why TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is made is to help the user especially high school and college students who want to solve Math and Science questions and equations. It is one of popular and world-wide top-selling calculator in the market. It has very nice platform. The speed is also faster than other calculator which has a processor with 3 times faster. The memory has 25 KB RAM and 490 KB of Flash ROM. This calculator also has good-contrast display which has eight line with 16 characters and more apps that you will love.

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This product is included a cable and USB port. The USB is completed with a technology which allows you to make present wherever you are and whenever you want (including the cable). By having this kind of technology, you can share other documents and files to be connected to your PCs or laptop and even other calculators or presentation tools.

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If you are wondering about apps, it has more than 10 pre-loaded apps and it can support all TI-82 apps. There are more than ten pre-loaded apps which are including CBL/CBR, Cabri Jr., Inequality Graphing, Conic Graphing, Science Tools, Probability Simulations, TimeSpan, StudyCards, several topics in Algebra, Transformation Graphing and the other apps! For you who are students who want to solve Science and Math questions, this calculator is a very usefuland l weapon for problem-solving. It has a lot of supporting features for graphing, storing and analyzing the information in more than seven functions. Furthermore, the display will show you graphic and it can evaluate tables you create separated screen. It can allow you to review and scroll the graph through table.

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You can use this calculator for desktop work since it is included normal slide case. The TI-84 Plus is also supported by a powerful alkaline as well which is AAA alkaline battery. The other battery is silver oxide battery for backup. This kind of battery can save the energy more. If you are looking for hard normal slide case, this calculator has it and you are protected by one-year warranty.

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What are people saying about this product?

1. Useful USB
This is one of the useful things I’ve ever had in my life. But many off the apps are useless for me and it takes up so much of my space so my memory is increasing. The TI-84 Plus Graphic Calculator has huge many styles. The streamlined design is awesome! The USB is a plus and I love it. I can connect it to my PC and I can present my work all the time and wherever I need.

2. Helpful calculator for students
This calculator is the best that I’ve been using so far. TI-84 Plus calculator has so many things to offer especially for someone who is in high school or college. Math or Science students can use this to learn and solve every equation and question. The TI-84 Plus is also supported with so many applications that can make me more convenient to use it. The apps are including Cabri Jr., Probability Simulator and other great geometry apps. It is also 2.5 times faster and has more free spaces. This kind of calculator is a must have item for any students.

3. Convenient and user-friendly
My son has been using this calculator since he was in second grade in his high school and now he is a college student. His Math teacher recommended him about this calculator and he found out very useful and bought it right away. He makes full use with this calculator in his Math class. My son said it is very convenient and user-friendly to use.

4. Love it
It is very useful in my Science class. I can solve so many questions and equations using this calculator. It is very easy to use and I can connect it anytime to my PC. Even though the price is quite expensive, but it is really worth it since it is supported so many useful apps.

5. Wonderful and reliable calculator
This calculator is superb! It is very easy and reliable to use it. The improvement that the factory has been created is wonderful compare to older version even though it is quite more expensive. I had this when I was in high school and I never encountered any problems when I entered any equations. It could give me the answer and the solving by clicking the enter button. If I’m talking about speed, it is also point plus of this calculator since it is faster than any version. It helped me a lot for my exam and it is definitely a scientific calculator you should have! For me, this calculator is fast, easy, reliable, sleek and durable. You can have durable calculator if you use it properly and carefully.

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You can buy this calculator online through Amazon and you can wait your order to be delivered right in front of your house. You can read many great reviews TI-84 Plus Graphic Calculator to make sure that this calculator is everything you need. You can also read more detail specification and what is in the box to avoid disappointment when your order came. Good luck!