EcoCity Unisex Classic Travel Laptop Bag Backpacks School Bookbags Review

Do you need a perfect backpack for school? Do you require a bag for travelling around? Or are you looking for interesting bag to carry your laptop? Whatever your need is, bag become an important equipment which can be used during your daily activities. Whether you are going to school or office or even travel to some places, backpack serves as essential to keep your necessities. Finding a bag or backpack is pretty easy. Shop and market offers various kinds of options which perhaps will make you confused to choose instead of getting the perfect ones. However, can you make sure that the bag you purchase has great quality?

Getting a bag with great quality and look is not difficult especially if you know the right tricks. EcoCity Unisex Classic Travel Laptop Bag Backpacks School Bookbags happen to be a great quality of bag which can be used for different kinds of function. This backpack comes in a lot of interesting colours in order to match with different personality of the users. Besides, it comes in simple designs so that both male and female can use the bag comfortably. The comfortable feeling when wearing this bag actually cannot be separated from the presence of adjustable padded shoulder straps as well as a number of compartments that allow the users to store various stuffs easily.

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EcoCity Unisex Classic Travel Laptop bags offer some details which perhaps can be good considerations for those who like to purchase it. This bag is imported stuff so the quality can outnumber common bag in the market. The material used of to make the backpack consists of 80 percent washed denim, 15 percent Polysther, and 5 percent PU (Polyurethane). Hence, it is not only comfortable to use but also durable for long use. The combination of materials also provides simple and elegant look in the same time. It comes with numerous compartments which allow the user to store various kinds of stuff easily. The compartment of the bags comprises one laptop or tablet compartment which can be used to store laptop with maximum length 14 inch and two inner compartments that can be used to hold either bottles or umbrellas. It comes with zipper pouches as well, two inside and one outside. Last but not least, it is complemented with one zipper pocket on its back. This school bookbag is also available with padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted based on the height of the users for optimum comfort. The dimension of the bag approximately encompasses 12.6 inch in length, 16.9 inch in height, and 6.7 inch in depth. It provides medium capacity for storage with 22 L. It is complemented with SBS Zipper which is pretty durable and resistant from any abrasion. All the parts of the bag use Bartack process on its making so that it has great durability and can withstand pressures.

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Besides its main details, this EcoCity bag comes with additional features to meet the needs of the users. First, it is created mostly from high quality tough nylon material which offers classical and smooth design so it happen to be a perfect bag for both male and female. That main material is combined with good quality of faux leather adornments in order to make stylish and sophisticated look to keep up with today’s trend. The backpack comes with thicken yet breathable straps which allow comfortable carry and avoid back hurt. The bottom of the bag is designed with durable PU which is not only resilient and durable but also can withstand with the pressure of the stuffs stored inside. It applies adequate capacity designed which can accommodate almost all of your daily stuffs. The bag also features scientific and practical compartments that make all of your stuffs kept inside in great order. It particularly provides laptop compartment which allow you to bring laptop or tablet easily in your daily activities. It applies useful zipper which lies on the rear part of backpack in order to give easy and fast access to the users in finding the books or other stuffs stored inside. It comes with casual and simple style to fulfil various kinds of use such as school, trip, hang out, mall strolling, and so on.

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Since this EcoCity school bookbag is made from special materials, it requires certain treatments in order to maintain its longevity. That’s why this bag comes with several washing instructions. First, you need to wash the bag using hygienic water with normal temperature. Next, you need to avoid washing this backpack using hot water. Washing the bag using hot water will imperil the materials. To dry the bag after washing, it is better to be hung. The backpack also should be washed separately with other bags or stuffs. It is important to do in order to avoid any staining from other stuffs in the washing process.

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Although EcoCity Classic Travel Laptop Bag provides many special features which can surpass other bags, there are some purchasing notes that need to be noticed so that the buyers are not disappointed when finding some of these conditions. Sometimes the real tone of laptop bag is probably is not similar with the photo evoked. It is not a fraud. It might happen because of different screen used for displaying or reflecting of light when the bag picture is taken. You might also find 1 to 2 cm error in bag measurement. This condition is reasonable since different measurement methods might be utilized.

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It is normal if the buyers can experience certain smile from the original material when get the bag since it is a new stuff. That smell will leave if you keep the bag in good circulation space within 2 up to 5 days. Users are better to restrict the storage weight around 4.0 kg. It is important in order to avoid any damage due to overloaded stuffs stored inside the backpack. Since it is an imported product, each piece of bag will be checked carefully before the shipment. However, buyers should keep aware with extra thread following the bag.